Find Love with Bogey and Bacall!

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These Creative Canvases could be yours!

You can purchase a certificate for a canvas for $30 in advance or $35 at the door (if there are any still available!). Certificates are available at Arcadia Books, the Spring Green General Store, Nina's Variety Store, Convivioi and the Shoppe at Herbs, Spices & More.




Artist statement by Dennis Alfred Phillips:

Contrasting Hard & Soft
Wooden frame with the stretched canvas removed.
Wood stained with transparent paint.
Machine Embroidery using rayon thread on cotton/poly fabric.
Rayon is a natural fiber, manmade from wood byproduct.
Paper tape, another wood product.
Nails, wire with pearls, Swarovski crystals, glass and plastic beads.
Wire woven on itself and with hand dyed rayon yarn.
From solid, dense & heavy to light, shiny & soft.




Jean Porter's canvas was "inspired by the DONOR FAMILY who gave the gift of LIFE to my grandson."













Amie Brownfield wrote this about Moon Mama

Every summer from before I can remember until I ventured off for higher learning, our family spent several weeks every summer at a camp affiliated with our Unitarian church up in the North woods of Minnesota, on the five-pointed aptly named Star Island in the middle of Cass Lake.
Once I became aware of her calling, after everyone was asleep, I’d tiptoe out of the snoozy cabin and followed the concrete path by her light to the waterfront. I’d slip quietly to the very end the dock, padding over the sun-weathered wood; cool and wrinkled under my bare feet. I’d get to the end and turn my face to the sky and soak her in and get lost in the darkness and twinkles surrounding her like a halo. I had some of the most intense spiritual moments of my life where land meets water, staring into the ether and letting the wind and the earth compress my chest, swirl around my small body and breathe for me.